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Automotive Industry

Laser systems have allowed auto makers to evolve and sustain the highest level of quality regarding direct part marking and traceability of their automobiles and components.

For years, we have been marking pistons, bearings, wheel and brake components, transmission components, mirrors, windshields, actuators, backlit buttons, VIN tags, headlight lenses, engine components, fenders, and much more.

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Aerospace Industry

The Department of Defense and NASA are the two largest consumers of aerospace technology and products. Laser processing in this field requires great attention to detail and adherence to strict guidelines in order to successfully produce parts.

We stay current on all of the new standards that the military is employing such as UID marking for part identification and traceability. We have successfully marked tags, bearings, backlit panels, injectors, glass, buttons, fuse blocks, gaskets, filters, hydraulic hoses, turbines, wires, and more.

UID Military Marking

LMG Technologies, Inc. provides laser marking for UID requirements. We have approved laser marking methods for marking titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, hastelloy, Inconel, plastics and other materials. LMG supports all true type fonts, high speed fonts and over 15 types of barcodes and 2D symbols. LMG will provide certificates of conformity for every military program performed.

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LMG Technologies, Inc. offers UDI marking for customers with strict regulations that they must adhere to. LMG is capable to offer medical parts marking or engraving with pinpoint accuracy and quality important to this industry. A list of medical applications includes: stents, needles, seals, forceps, pumps, valves, filters, implants, pacemakers, tubes, wires, blades, molds, tags, bits, screws, and more. Our laser technology laser can provide high grade marks on stainless steel, titanium, a variety of plastics, and just about any material that the medical industry demands.

Laser marking for medical equipment.

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