Laser Marking Guy Inc. was established in 2008 solely to provide laser marking contract services, turnkey laser marking solutions, and consulting for laser system integration.

LMG is focused on a wide range of applications including 2D Barcoding, part traceability, laser processing for metal and plastic components for the military, automotive, medical and aerospace industries.

Laser Marking Guy, Inc. provides job shop services in-house or at the customer’s onsite location.

With this approach, we are able to meet the needs of each and every application with efficiency and consistent quality.

Laser Marking Guy, Inc. stays at the forefront of the dynamic laser technology with their expert knowledge and experience.

Additionally, we synergize with other laser professionals in the industry to help provide our customers with additional information and support in making the right decision.

If there is a need for laser marking either through contract services or laser marking equipment sales, Laser Marking Guy, Inc. is your best resource for success!


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